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Substance Abuse And Addiction Counseling
In Mount Pleasant


Is Your Life Being Negatively Affected By Your Pattern Of Alcohol And/Or
Drug Use?

It is hard for many of us to live in today’s culture of Charleston and Mount Pleasant where drinking and drug use is so prevalent. It is easy to get sucked into the party lifestyle of downtown Charleston and its surrounding areas like Mount Pleasant, where the beaches seem to be another excuse for substance abuse.

Substance abuse is always the first step before it turns into addiction. It is common for people’s substance abuse to begin while partying and “having fun.” But, when alcohol and/or drug use stops becoming fun, and starts to cause negative life consequences, it is a sign that your substance use has crossed over into substance abuse or addiction. 

Are You Experiencing These Symptoms Of Substance Abuse Or Addiction?  

  • Cravings for your substance of choice

  • Spending a good deal of time obtaining the substance, using it, and recovering

  • Trouble limiting your consumption

  • Thinking about and looking forward to your use in the future

  • Intense urges and thoughts of using a substance

  • Tolerance - Needing more of a substance over time to get your desired effect 

  • Taking larger amounts of a substance over time

  • Maintaining a supply of your substance of choice

  • Overspending and creating financial issues

  • Putting off responsibilities because of substance use and its after effects

  • Continuing to use a substance while knowing it is causing problem in your life

  • Health Issues

  • Doing things that you would not normally do while under the influence

  • Engaging in risky behaviors, such as drinking and driving or stealing

  •  Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when stopping use

If You Currently Experience Substance Abuse Or Addiction You Might Be Familiar With These Situations:

  • Hangovers that may cause you to miss school, work, or social events 

  • Feeling guilt or shame about your use and how you acted under the influence 

  • Lying to others about your use

  • Hiding substances 

  • Feeling depressed or anxious after a weekend of heavy use

  • Not having enough money to take care of responsibilities

  • Isolating yourself from family and loved ones

  • Surrounding yourself with others who use like you do

  • Behavioral changes 

  • Family and relationship problems due to use 


We understand your struggle with substance abuse. The only reason to feel ashamed of your substance abuse or addiction would be for not seeking help. At Lighthouse Therapy Solutions we have counselors who not only have been highly trained in substance abuse counseling, but who also understand the difficulty of substance abuse. We have helped many others suffering from the same struggles that you are going through right now. We will successfully treat your substance abuse or addiction by helping you gain insight into your current issue and by identifying any other stressor or “root” issue. You will also learn your “triggers” for use, and through counseling you will learn numerous relapse prevention skills, coping skills, and maintenance tactics so you can return to a life that is not negatively affected by substance abuse or addiction.


You deserve to regain the life of balance, consistency, and success that substance abuse has taken away. If you are experiencing negative consequences such as work problems, relationship issues, guilt and shame, or anything else as a result of your substance use, we want to help you at Lighthouse Therapy Solutions! Reach Out Now to get help immediately from a therapist who understands your struggle and who has experience helping many others in your situation. 

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